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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Thursday, 19 March 2015



Hello Everyone good morning with big smile 
today i got one more confirm for my talk in TARRAGONA thanks to my DREAMS TEAM of TARRAGONA Sonia Cardó who has work very hard to get this talk for my cafe dream project 20 April 19 h 
thank you Sonia Cardó and my all TARRAGONA DREAMS TEAM 
See you all soon 
Amin Sheikh 


Hello Everyone 
good evening with big smile 
today i have got the first poster of my talk on 11April at 7 Pm 
the address is on the poster thanks to Ivon Regincos 
well as i asked to all my friends, in BARCELONA SPAIN AND FRANCE if they could 
arrange any talk at school, university ,cafe bar or any public place
some of my ANGELS who has found the places for me to talk and explain about my project and life .
here is my calander for april this moments i have all this days the talk in different place.
APRIL > 8,9,10,11,13,14,17,20,23 all this days i have talk but i am waiting for more confirmation for the talk from my ANGELS who believe in dream and project
MAY > 7,8 at the moments this two in may in ALICANTE SPAIN
if any one of you can arrange the talk , please do let me know by whatsapp on my phone 00919820212029 or email amindreamsteam@gmail.com
i am flying from Bombay on 31 march at night
TO BARCELONA and i arrived to BARCELONA at 5 pm on 1APRIL 2015
soon i will have Barcelona local number i will tell you all
thank you

Thursday, 12 March 2015




Hello Everyone,
Good morning  with big smile
Today is the first time that  i am going to share somethings in public about one part of my life
my real friends and family know about this but not Everyone
I have not mentioned about this in my book or Autobiography , today's story is very special because it's part of my life and much more then you can imagine it's about
                                                    SHABANA SHAIKH
Shabana Shaikh is my niece , she is my small sister's [SABIYA] daughter, Sabiya had this baby girl when she was very young around the age of between 15 or 16  and this baby girls is Shabana Shaikh and she is now 16 years old but when you meet shabana and sabiya together they seems like sisters , sabiya was 16 years old and her husband left her , while she was pregnant and she was working in village doing farming , house work  but sabiya was very brave to take a decision to give the birth to the child rather then the to kill the child even though she was not very matured  but she managed to give life to this baby girls , who was not accepted by her in laws , her husband ran away with some other women  at that moment she did not know what to do ???, were to go??? and whom to ask for help ??? , but some or how she managed to come back to Bombay from that village with  a small baby in her hand .
When she returned to Bombay ,she was in a very bad condition , she was hungry , no money in her hand , she was a wearing one sare which was very dirty and torn.
She was trying to find my mother or her family , she could not find my mother cause my mother kept on changing home is every 10 to 12 months cause she stayed on the rant but sabyia was lucky enough to find my mother's family but the worst part is they asked her to go away like a dog and did not even offer her a glass of water  and thats one reason why i have never or stoped being around my mother family ,when she started to look for Sabira  because she had few old memories about my mother coming to visit sabira in snehasadan in house no 8 in jogesjawari [w] , this place is in north of mumbai , she knew the street but not the place , she was on that street for 3 day and one afternoon she found 1 Sister and that sister use to take care of snehasadan children.
Then sabira took Sabiya and her baby [shabana] to my mother's place  , then sabiya and shabana started  to leave with my mother but it's not been very easy for any of us especially for sabiya and shabana cause it was tuff to get admission in school without a birth certificate and father, the 1st thing they would ask sabiya is where is the father ?? and every time she was left with no answer
Some or how we managed to get Shabana in good school , i had no home i use to leave with Eustace Fernandes  and sometimes i use to come and spend time with Shabana , it use to be very hard for me to see her there , i wanted to remove her from that place cause my mother use to leave in the slum and the environment was very bad , people were very rough and tuff and i din't wanted to see Shabana become one of them.
So i managed some or how to put shabana is a very good school in MOUNT MARY CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL in [ Bandra],when she stared this school english was very hard for her and she had a tuff time with her studies  but with the time she managed to pickup things like other children
 Thanks to my friends from London  LARRY NEWALL and his wife  GOERGINA , who helped me to pay Shabana's boarding school and 5 years ago when i bought a home for myself , the 1st thing i  asked to Shabana , do you want to stay with me ???,she had tears in her eyes and she replied yes  uncle i want to stay with you , she hold me very tight , then she stayed with me and now she has finished her 10th grade , she is in high school or college , studying in11th Arts and also she learn Indian classical dance [ BHARATANATYAM] well she is not a shame of never knowing her father,  cause he was never there for her when she needed him the most but she always looks at me and give me the place of her father and at times she tells me i am much more then a father for her on whom she can relay and share her feelings with.
She has been my strength , for the world she is my niece but for me she is my daughter, best friend and i am proud of  her , it's the best gift i have in my life and  every time i am out on the street for book selling , she comes with me and  she is confident to talk like me on the street with people and explain them them the project .
So has a uncle , has father and has best friend i want to make this has a best travel for her , so she can be independent, wider mind and bring the same opportunity1st to her self and then to others.
She is not only my family but she has been part of my dream team she take care of the book account and she reminds me some times  ohhh!!!  you have to take the money from this 1 and you have to make sure this person pays you for the book and so on ...
One more very important thing is for her to fly was only a dream few years ago , cause it was very tuff to make a birth certificate and the passport but we have worked very hard and finally she has both , i want to say a very big thanks to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ  cause she is the one who was running up and down for all the police parer work in Madrid [Spain], without which Shabana could not travel and also a very big thanks to SPANISH CONSULATE OF MUMBAI for giving her the visa and opening the  door for the 1st flight to other part of the world.
Many people may be thinking that i am using the book money for paying the flight ticket  but no my dear friends all my dreams team has payed their own flight tickets and for Shabana i have taken loan from a friend name Mireia Codina Chacón , thanks to her too for helping me to take shabana .
this was the story of my 3 dreams team and the reason for taking them to Spain  
so now all of you know 
why i am taking them to SPAIN 
Mireia Codina Chacón
Please keep supporting BOMBAY TO BARCELONA LIBRARY CAFE to make it in real  
if you believe in it
thanks to each one of you , who ever read this article on my blog


Wednesday, 11 March 2015



hello everyone
good morning with big smile again with one more story to share with all of you 
today i am talking about KHUSHBOO ALI who is 23 year old 
KHUSHBOO ALI story  is not much different as mine , she also has been on Bombay railway stations 
but everyone have different story to share , khushboo also have different story to explain 
when khushboo was 6 year old she don't know her father and mother all she remember now is she have one big brother who was 8 year old she remember him very well he use to take care of her and thats all she remember about him in her mind and this memory  is still today very fresh in her mind and she never forget her brother
After she lost  her brother she don't know where to go ?? what to do ???
she landed up at the churchgate  station which is in south of Mumbai she stayed  on station only for one day  then one Fr. francises micheal  , he brought  her to SNEHASADAN to house number 8 , it's the same home where  my sister sabira grew up too.
khushboo don't have much bad experiences on the street but sad part is she lost everything very fast and at a very early age before she could understand about  this world or have love from her mother and father, it is sad she don't even know where they are??? or how the look like??? till today some time she go and look for them, she don't have much clear memories about  that  place but she think some where in Bandra Surberb of  Mumbai .
well i have explain you all in my book about street children life and the problems they face while leaving on streets and in my blog or article it is not easy for any child to forget their  past .
she have got all that she need like food, home, love from Snehasadan but still she need to find her route of her family and the love ones she never have in her life. 
But today after growing up  in Snehasadan , she has  finished  her school, college and then thanks to Fr. PLACIDO FONESECA  the great hero of STREET children in Bombay  [Snehasadan] , who made many children's life beautiful and  better even  if they are not in Snehasadan ,  so thanks to Fr. plaice who put khushboo to learn fashion designing but thanks to social workers of Snehasadan at this time she was working for street children her name was ANU DIDI, she has helped a lot to khushboo to be FASHION DESIGNER .
khushboo was 18 when she left Snehasadan and started leaving  in working women's hostel, she knew  what she wanted in her life, she explained to me many times that she was not very  good in her studies for this reason she left college.
She has a  passion  to be a fashion designer and i am so proud of her that she is fashion designer and  now working for some nice company , very nice people but it's her dreams to have her own  fashion clothes collection, now no one knows her as a fashion designer  , all the clothes that she design the credit goes to  her boss and the company , many people buy the clothes but they have no idea that this clothes are made or design by a girl who was street kid once ,who became  a fashion designer today!!!!
I would like  khushboo to have her own  identity  in fashion world for this khsuhboo will have her own shop and it will be called khsuhboo ali , this place will be  for all the things that she design in our dream  cafe [BOMBAY TO BARCELONA , LIBRARY CAFE ]but for that khsuhboo must travels and this is one reason she want to travels and to know the other side of the world their fashion  and the way of living and i am proud to say , she has saved the money to travel she was very nervous and was not able to imagine that she is going to  travel , she was thinking all her life will be only  behind this company,where she only working for others no one knows about her talent  and who is khsuhboo ali ??? 
Many time before when she did not even  know  about going  to BARCELONA , PARIS
 while she travelling everyday from train while coming back from her work from Dadar  to Andheri she  use to look  at the sky and the planes flying ,  she use to always ask her self when will i fly ????well this one day is going to come very soon 15 April 2015 she will fly in real to BARCELONA AND PARIS to fashion world in PARIS.
 Thanks to  ANGELS  from PARIS who trying to make one more big steps to let khsuhboo know the  fashion world. 
who am i for khsubook ??? well she always call  me amin dada which means [big brother]  as she don't have a brother of her own in her life so she  always call me big dada or some time she tells  me you are like my father , i am proud to be big brother for her or father because i know what she feel .
One more dream going to be in real as a father all that he  could do for his daughter i am trying to do that, has a father or big brother , opening the doors for her to know the world better and to improve her knowledge but a very special thank to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ , she is the one who has been running up and down for all the invitation or police paper work and also a very big thanks to SPANISH CONSULATE OF MUMBAI to give visa to Khushboo Ali  
more good news to share with the time 
thank you 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015



Hello Everyone 
Good morning with big smile 
Today i am shearing the story of Celine and this story has been told in her won words , about her life but not everything.
 just to let you all know how Celine came from a small village to big city like Bombay/ Mumbai.
Bombay is the place where everyone have dream even if you don't have dream
 then your dream born here in Bombay soon or later as you living your life here in Bombay. 
Celine was one of them when her dream was born to fly like many others in india 
the dream born in place i called Bombay magic with many crazy things in this city but i think according me  this city with crazy things all  i see is life moving out of nothings you become someone in this city from no one. 
 Celine's life was like one of them  , now  the time has come to fly for Celine  out side india or to other side of the the world the place called Barcelona  [Spain].

  Celine story start like this 
CELINE   DEVGUM is now 27 year old she was born in india place called KARANGAJAR JAMSHEDPUR 
Celine has never  seen her mother what can be more harder then  this in life. The person because of whom you came to this world  ,  grow up all your life knowing your self you have never seen your mother or hold her hand walk with her or warm hugs tender hand of mother  to say come my child in my arms is sad but many of the children in india live like this and not only in india many other places in the world but as i know my world , sometimes how things change  or life takes turn  all of sudden and u feel like there is no ground under your feet 
 Celine knows nothing about  her mother, she has lost her father when she was 9 year old imagine she had no one  and where she could go what she could do and born in the village where not much things around her dry place as dried  her tear in her life without any warm love of the  family 
so luckily someone brought  Celine to Bombay to work as servant in high society , when she came she was 12 year old .Celine start working in  Bombay to work in high  society in Bandra with  Eusatce Fernades friend  to work has house mate like  sweeping ,cleaning ,cooking look after the guest , i don't want to say names of this person were she work because i don't know if it is good idea or she may not like it  is better i respect  and let explain you more about Celine  but also she is luckily to meet this mam has she has the opportunity to stay there , work and do all she want rather then landing in one place where her life would have been ruined by bad people , so i must say that she is lucky to have this shelter and be safe there , as Eustace been angel for me Celine has this mam also like a big angel in her life and also for many others .
I know Celine when she was 12 year old because i work like Celine but i was doing much more then her , i means was sweeping, cleaning ,cooking , driving the car and has a courier boy too in Eustace home .
I use to go this mam's home to give card or some paper or sometime Eustace would  go for dinner to this mam's home this mam was very good because she also call me up to eat somethings or drink something , so i use not enter  in  the hall because i know i am the driver i use to go in the kitchen where Celine was cooking she was very shy, soft spoken person she use to not  talk much but as time pass Celine and me we  became friends then when she start to trust people around her then  she start talking more and  i have seen Celine growing for better and better , now it has been a long time that  i know her and  many difficulty  came to her life it's is not been easy like everyone in this world but for Celine it was more hard in this way without family love , care and start working when she 12 years old.
I am very proud of Celine for many reason the first reason is the best cook ever i know in my life 
Celine was not studying when she came to Bombay  but if you look what she have done now  even i have not done all this 
she  made her self study in school and college, she has done  different or  various  courses like tellring , beautysion ,cooking and MSCIT  she is still studying right now while she is working all this year and the best part she is paying for her own studies .
Celine have dream as everyone in this world ,she also  met many ,many people from different part of the world  in her mam's home but she don't know other side of world the reality as for many of us it doesn't  matter where you  come from , who you are ? and so on..
all is mater being as human being, we love to know other side of the life and the world to grow better in life. 
Celine was saving money form long time to go when i told Celine about my travels, she ask me amin i want to come you think i can go with you i said  yes  why not i will arrange all the paper and talk to my friend in Spain if  they can do paper work you are welcome, all you have to do is pay your tickets and visa the rest i will do my best but be strong. 
To bring you as Eustace did for  me 12 years ago , Celine told me the same many people promise but no one do just talk and say yes Celine i will take you to my country as they  know is not so easy to bring people other side of the world but people must not say it too 
well all i say when you believe in somethings to do all you have to do is put all your heart and mind and with your kindness around you this kindness happens with  magic and one magic is now Celine have visa and police certificate thanks to my friend VERONICA ROSA  and SPANISH  CONSULATE OF  MUMBAI  
who don't know Celine in they life but they really help her to get her first visa and the travels of her life BOMBAY TO BARCELONA 
Celine life light up sad to smile from dry to green place and ready to fly to unknown  place to be open wider mind from  small village girl to big city BOMBAY TO BARCELONA .
one more dream is in real out of nothing, i am proud of you Celine keep going keep lighting many other life through  your story in this world because many people in this world have every thing but they have no idea , how to be happy so be happy and share  this happiness to everyone around you 
more to share  with other two dream team 
this was CELINE DEVGUM story as many more in this world i hope one day they have right to be what they want to be 

thank you everyone of you who read this 


Hello everyone good evening with big smile
Today i have talk in ROTRAY CLUB OF THANE SUBURBAN in north Bombay it was very good day for our dream we sold 22 book and some good contact  also i hope open more door through this talk  for our dream cafe i really want to say thanks to SMRITI GULWADY she the one who make this talk happen after the she read the  book thanks again and again to ROTRAY CLUB THANE people who allow me to share my life with them and to give this opporturnity to let people know about my cafe dream
all i will say is

Monday, 9 March 2015


Hello Everyone
good morning with big smile
yesterday i had mention  that i have to explain the storey about this girls who is my dream team
here before we start with them i would like to start with me .
12 years ago somethings happened like this , 4 year working with EUSTACE  FERNANDES
one christmas 2002 Eustace  asked me amin what do  you want for christmas ?
my answer was nothings but behind this nothings there was a big dream and that was to travel but i didn't tell anyone about this dream but  i was  dreaming inside me that one day i will also  go to Barcelona , America, Canada,London or Europe  but i never said to him [ EUSTACE ] or anyone.
some friend from Barcelona knew that i wanted  to come but it was not easy for me
well Christmas night Eustace asked me what i wanted for christmas as i told you all i said nothings
then he told me think what you want
after he is came back from church to home in the car he ask me  again what do you want this Christmas??? while  he was in the  church ,i was thinking i must tell him that i want to go to Barcelona so now i knew what i wanted and   i told him sir take me to Barcelona [Spain] he told me the first words are you mad??? and have  you lost your mind ???
he told something like this '' haaaa  take you  to Barcelona'' and  i reply yes  sir  please i know you are the one who can open the door for me to the world , but he kept on   repeating again and again  '' haaaa  take you  to Barcelona [ SPAIN].
he told me  have you lost your mind??? ask me anythings you want but i can't take you to Barcelona.
I knew it was not easy for him as well as for me , we had  arguments that night i knew it was not easy for him to take a driver  to Spain but well after few hours later he made for me a Christmas card as always he  use to  make me christmas card and wish me merry christmas and happy new year or on my birthday this was his speciality he always made the card for everyone, i use to admire him a lot for this , he was a great artist and had good mind to play with words in the card , poster or to make logos
so that night i don't wanted the card but when i open the card all i saw was amin merry christmas and
happy new year 2003 27 April we go to BARCELONA
all of you have no idea as me that  moment what i felt
no words to express all i was doing is crying with broken smile and hugging EUSTACE so tight , then on 27 April 2003 it was my 1st time i entered the airport .
 15 years ago i use to go to airport to watch planes flying over my head , i use to climb the walls sit there and  watch the planes flying then when i grew up i became a driver and i use to go to airport to pick up Eustace friends , family and  my clients but there was always one question in my head thinking what was behind that door???.
That 1 flight ticket changed my life and i  promised Eustace , i want to bring this change to many Amin like me one day , till now i have made 12 travels in 12 years , every travel made me grow wider mind , stronger and give me the  strength to make my dream in real
If Eustace had not opened that door for me maybe today i was still a driver maybe i was a different person with narrow mind , leave selfish life and have no passion or vision for my dream
This is the main reason i call travel  is the best book in life
I have met many people before my 1st travel and they promised me various things '' ohhhh i will bring you to Europe   but the some of them did not even contact me once their work was done ''.
Still i never gave up , hope and dream was my only strength at that moment i knew it was not easy to travel but also i knew the people who have money and power at least they can do something
As this 3 girls when they asked me for travelling  , i know it not easy all i did is find the way to bring their dream of travel in real there is no magic until to work for it because i know what it means to travel ..
Some of my friends are little upset on my decision of taking this 3 girls to Spain but i am not going to ask them nor i want to discuss about it ...
all i want to see is this 3 girls super smile and going to change their life for better even if they don't i have nothing to lose or worry about because i did my best .
I say all they have is an opportunity to either go up in life or go down , we are always the key for our own selves but every hand makes the difference to others life , this is my travel storey as all i want to say 13 years working for Eustace Fernandes this is all i have learn give back what you get in life
Eustace have been in my life the best boss ever , best father ever  and the best friend ever i could find in my life .
Amin Sheikh today photo by Anne Laure


Hello Everyone
Good Evening with big smile
today has been very intensive day also we were very nervous for our visa interview, we know all will be fine but still we know our reality , Especially  for me and my dream team who have nothing
example  like no home , no money in bank ac  and proper job but we were lucky enough to have some angels around us , who understood our travelling reason and gave us this opportunity to see another world and to open our mind towards wider way of thinking.
According to me travel is the best book in our life , through this Spanish visa now this three girls has the opportunity to travel first time they will enter into airport and it is there first flight
As 12  years ago when i took the first flight Bombay to Barcelona i have no words to explain what i felt at that moment , i am proud and happy after 12 years this three girls that means three amin's will experience the same journey .
I can't wait to see that smile on their face when they arrive to other side of the world , i know what it  means this smile has no price.
    Today when they got the visa their eyes was full of tears and same time broken smile!!!
because it was unbelievable for them and the best part is they got the visa for three months and when i opened my passport looking for visa they gave me visa for 2 years , i can't believe my passport 1st time have visa for 2 years , there was a time when i  use to struggle to get visa even for 1 month but today it was a magic day for us .
As everyone has their own  storey to share , i have  this three girls storey to share with all of you
some people will say wwaaooo you are travelling to Spain you are so lucky but they have no idea what  this girls have gone  through to get this visa and to save money for their flight ticket 
before i share their storey, I  want to say a special thanks to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ  , VERONICA ROSA  they are the one who did all the police paper work in Spain {madrid} without this  police certificate it was not possible to get the visa for this girls and also big thanks to Spanish  consulate of Mumbai for giving us the visa and the opportunity to travel especially for this three girls the names of this girls [dreams team] are  CELINE DEVGUM , KHUSHBOO ALI and  SHABANA SHAIKH .
Thanks to each one of you who ever reading this post more storey to know and more stories to share 
We are flying soon because of YOU... from Bombay to Barcelona 

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hello everyone 
good morning with big smile to everyone women on this earth 
if no women no man so i am proud to say happy women day and i am because of you WOMEN !!
Women are like flowers and mans like bees
if man don't take care of women no flowers and if not flowers then no bees to 
respect women in this life on this earth no mater who you are
if not this land will be without women and man cant do anythings
i am lucky and proud my project run by women and also my life is run women around my life this mines my mother,sisters niece and all that children from Sneha Sadan girls and my friends around this world and if you look at my Facebook or tiwtter and my blog most help by women then man
because women feel the project and want to do more and more and they ready for all
thank you everyone women friends and familys to be part of my life


Hello everyone 
Good Evening  with big smile 
 I got this email from CECILE CARON from FRANCE 
CECILE CARON contacted  me in December  2014 
sending me this email 

Dear Amin,

I am Cecile, a french woman. I am living in France, in Grenoble (near the Alpen mountains). I met a woman in Dijon in last march, Isabelle, who was selling your book in her shop. I bought it, and was really impressed and enjoyed by your story, your energy, and your project.
I would like to help you with a gift of 100 euros. How may I proceed ? Do you have a website for online paying for instance ?

I also have a brother, Guillaume, who's living in Barcelona. I will offer him your book, and maybe he will be interested in following your project with your spanish friends, and speaking of it around him.

I wish  you a very happy new year, among your family and friends, with health, happiness, and a lot of support for progressing in your dream about the Bombay to Barcelona Café.

Thank you very much : I am because of you too.


AMIN > after this email ,we have been in touch by email and she called me on my cell phone , we was talking about the life, book and project she asked me  how she can help me to make this dream in real.
I told her all i need is your help more stronger then this money 
then after talking with her , she started thinking how she can help me 
and yesterday i got the email with pdf file and her email again 
this is what CECILE ANGEL done around her town.  
I am so lucky to meet people like this in my life
and i am so proud how people find their own  way to help when the want to help ,it doesn't matter which part of the world you are in......  
thank you CECILE ANGEL 

This is what she wrote me yesterday with pdf file and the flyer 

2 weeks ago, the organizers of a children's film festival, in Cinema "Le Melies" in Grenoble, kindly gave me the opportunity to present your project and your book during an indian session of their festival, as I already explained to you (the first indian movie was "the blue umbrella", and the second one "Salaam Bombay"). I also distributed flyers (see attached file) with links towards your website and your video (in French, in English). Many people were touched, and interested. I hope they will order and buy your book !



Friday, 6 March 2015

La Llama (Colectivo de Rap) - Sobrevivim

Hello Everyone good afternoon with big smile 
please i am asking everyone to here the song what job this children have done 
some time i say you don't have to be big person or big power 
and every small power make a big difference in this world and every small person can make the difference
one more great news through the song 
all this boys from BARCELONA and http://www.jovesteb.org/ stand by me and project thank you is very small words all i can say
AMIN Sheikh and my Dreams team thanks you all to do such a great job

Wednesday, 4 March 2015



Hello Everyone 
Good night with big smile 
Last 3 week DOLORS COMA sold 50 BOOKS
she has been like Angel to my cafe dream project B2BLC 
the way she been selling  the book in all the place in india and Spain 
She is from Barcelona Figueres 
last two week she have sold 30 books in GOA 
yesterday i got the called from one lady called MONTSE R. VILÁ on my cell phone 
 she said'' amin hello i am Montse i have read your book i met dolors  in Goa and she sold your book to me and my friend CASILDA FERNANDEŹ can we meet you for a coffee''. 
so this morning i when to meet them at the THE TAJ MAHAL PALACE HOTEL on south Bombay 
after talking in taj lobby we went out for coffee to CCD  in south Bombay 
we started talking there for 1 hours and i explained to them  all the project 
it was really nice moments with both of them 
but the coffee was very bad and i was feelings more bad because we pay 220 Ruppes for bad coffee
and again i asked to my self why i pay so much for this coffee and why not we have better nice coffee place in Bombay 
any way all i want to say in this message i will not have such kind of coffee shop where only people can come  who have money  
not normal man like me can take nice coffee or tea 
and funny part of this cafe shop is when Montse asked for ginger tea , they reply  no we don't have ginger tea.At that moments i thought they have coffee but not simple ginger tea 
any way that's the way things work here and every where.....
after one hours MONTSE AND CASILDA gave me two Envelops for my cafe dream as donation 
when i came back home after all my work done  i opened the  Envelope  
both togethers they support to our cafe dream with 25000 indian rupees 
i was very surprise 
 just to explain you all it is  360 in euros 
wow dolors you are big magic walking to the beach  meeting people selling my book and not only this because of you i have 4 talk around BARCELONA CATALUNIYA in April 
all i can say is thank you is very small word for all your support and help 
see you soon to say thanks face to face  with big hugs in Figueres 
hey you know Dolors  Montse and Casilda will meet me in Barcelona and Madrid 
this all the good things happened 


Dolors Coma, Montse R Vilá , Casilda Fernandeź



THANKS TO Jacqueline Schlesinger


Hello  everyone
good evening with big smile
today has been long day for me with many good things
but all is good nothings is bad
all is  that happened was good only and this very good news for the day
one news is  today
I met Jacqueline Schlesinger
i met her one year ago, she is the one who took my book to GERMANY and she give my ENGLISH book to Jutta Hajek
and she is the one who translated  the book in GERMAN  language
 how life can bring you from one page to other page through the people
 if not Jacqueline Schlesinger  no GERMAN BOOK
thanks to all this angels who believed in my dream and move this dream to real one by one.
This is magic for me but just magic not happens automatically  it happens because of  good people on this earth, who want to do good for others and believe in doing  good for everyone.
I can't tell you all how i felt this afternoon when Jacqueline gave me the German book in my hand
Thank you for making this dream of GERMAN BOOK in real