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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Thursday, 12 March 2015




Hello Everyone,
Good morning  with big smile
Today is the first time that  i am going to share somethings in public about one part of my life
my real friends and family know about this but not Everyone
I have not mentioned about this in my book or Autobiography , today's story is very special because it's part of my life and much more then you can imagine it's about
                                                    SHABANA SHAIKH
Shabana Shaikh is my niece , she is my small sister's [SABIYA] daughter, Sabiya had this baby girl when she was very young around the age of between 15 or 16  and this baby girls is Shabana Shaikh and she is now 16 years old but when you meet shabana and sabiya together they seems like sisters , sabiya was 16 years old and her husband left her , while she was pregnant and she was working in village doing farming , house work  but sabiya was very brave to take a decision to give the birth to the child rather then the to kill the child even though she was not very matured  but she managed to give life to this baby girls , who was not accepted by her in laws , her husband ran away with some other women  at that moment she did not know what to do ???, were to go??? and whom to ask for help ??? , but some or how she managed to come back to Bombay from that village with  a small baby in her hand .
When she returned to Bombay ,she was in a very bad condition , she was hungry , no money in her hand , she was a wearing one sare which was very dirty and torn.
She was trying to find my mother or her family , she could not find my mother cause my mother kept on changing home is every 10 to 12 months cause she stayed on the rant but sabyia was lucky enough to find my mother's family but the worst part is they asked her to go away like a dog and did not even offer her a glass of water  and thats one reason why i have never or stoped being around my mother family ,when she started to look for Sabira  because she had few old memories about my mother coming to visit sabira in snehasadan in house no 8 in jogesjawari [w] , this place is in north of mumbai , she knew the street but not the place , she was on that street for 3 day and one afternoon she found 1 Sister and that sister use to take care of snehasadan children.
Then sabira took Sabiya and her baby [shabana] to my mother's place  , then sabiya and shabana started  to leave with my mother but it's not been very easy for any of us especially for sabiya and shabana cause it was tuff to get admission in school without a birth certificate and father, the 1st thing they would ask sabiya is where is the father ?? and every time she was left with no answer
Some or how we managed to get Shabana in good school , i had no home i use to leave with Eustace Fernandes  and sometimes i use to come and spend time with Shabana , it use to be very hard for me to see her there , i wanted to remove her from that place cause my mother use to leave in the slum and the environment was very bad , people were very rough and tuff and i din't wanted to see Shabana become one of them.
So i managed some or how to put shabana is a very good school in MOUNT MARY CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL in [ Bandra],when she stared this school english was very hard for her and she had a tuff time with her studies  but with the time she managed to pickup things like other children
 Thanks to my friends from London  LARRY NEWALL and his wife  GOERGINA , who helped me to pay Shabana's boarding school and 5 years ago when i bought a home for myself , the 1st thing i  asked to Shabana , do you want to stay with me ???,she had tears in her eyes and she replied yes  uncle i want to stay with you , she hold me very tight , then she stayed with me and now she has finished her 10th grade , she is in high school or college , studying in11th Arts and also she learn Indian classical dance [ BHARATANATYAM] well she is not a shame of never knowing her father,  cause he was never there for her when she needed him the most but she always looks at me and give me the place of her father and at times she tells me i am much more then a father for her on whom she can relay and share her feelings with.
She has been my strength , for the world she is my niece but for me she is my daughter, best friend and i am proud of  her , it's the best gift i have in my life and  every time i am out on the street for book selling , she comes with me and  she is confident to talk like me on the street with people and explain them them the project .
So has a uncle , has father and has best friend i want to make this has a best travel for her , so she can be independent, wider mind and bring the same opportunity1st to her self and then to others.
She is not only my family but she has been part of my dream team she take care of the book account and she reminds me some times  ohhh!!!  you have to take the money from this 1 and you have to make sure this person pays you for the book and so on ...
One more very important thing is for her to fly was only a dream few years ago , cause it was very tuff to make a birth certificate and the passport but we have worked very hard and finally she has both , i want to say a very big thanks to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ  cause she is the one who was running up and down for all the police parer work in Madrid [Spain], without which Shabana could not travel and also a very big thanks to SPANISH CONSULATE OF MUMBAI for giving her the visa and opening the  door for the 1st flight to other part of the world.
Many people may be thinking that i am using the book money for paying the flight ticket  but no my dear friends all my dreams team has payed their own flight tickets and for Shabana i have taken loan from a friend name Mireia Codina Chacón , thanks to her too for helping me to take shabana .
this was the story of my 3 dreams team and the reason for taking them to Spain  
so now all of you know 
why i am taking them to SPAIN 
Mireia Codina Chacón
Please keep supporting BOMBAY TO BARCELONA LIBRARY CAFE to make it in real  
if you believe in it
thanks to each one of you , who ever read this article on my blog