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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Monday, 9 March 2015


Hello Everyone
good morning with big smile
yesterday i had mention  that i have to explain the storey about this girls who is my dream team
here before we start with them i would like to start with me .
12 years ago somethings happened like this , 4 year working with EUSTACE  FERNANDES
one christmas 2002 Eustace  asked me amin what do  you want for christmas ?
my answer was nothings but behind this nothings there was a big dream and that was to travel but i didn't tell anyone about this dream but  i was  dreaming inside me that one day i will also  go to Barcelona , America, Canada,London or Europe  but i never said to him [ EUSTACE ] or anyone.
some friend from Barcelona knew that i wanted  to come but it was not easy for me
well Christmas night Eustace asked me what i wanted for christmas as i told you all i said nothings
then he told me think what you want
after he is came back from church to home in the car he ask me  again what do you want this Christmas??? while  he was in the  church ,i was thinking i must tell him that i want to go to Barcelona so now i knew what i wanted and   i told him sir take me to Barcelona [Spain] he told me the first words are you mad??? and have  you lost your mind ???
he told something like this '' haaaa  take you  to Barcelona'' and  i reply yes  sir  please i know you are the one who can open the door for me to the world , but he kept on   repeating again and again  '' haaaa  take you  to Barcelona [ SPAIN].
he told me  have you lost your mind??? ask me anythings you want but i can't take you to Barcelona.
I knew it was not easy for him as well as for me , we had  arguments that night i knew it was not easy for him to take a driver  to Spain but well after few hours later he made for me a Christmas card as always he  use to  make me christmas card and wish me merry christmas and happy new year or on my birthday this was his speciality he always made the card for everyone, i use to admire him a lot for this , he was a great artist and had good mind to play with words in the card , poster or to make logos
so that night i don't wanted the card but when i open the card all i saw was amin merry christmas and
happy new year 2003 27 April we go to BARCELONA
all of you have no idea as me that  moment what i felt
no words to express all i was doing is crying with broken smile and hugging EUSTACE so tight , then on 27 April 2003 it was my 1st time i entered the airport .
 15 years ago i use to go to airport to watch planes flying over my head , i use to climb the walls sit there and  watch the planes flying then when i grew up i became a driver and i use to go to airport to pick up Eustace friends , family and  my clients but there was always one question in my head thinking what was behind that door???.
That 1 flight ticket changed my life and i  promised Eustace , i want to bring this change to many Amin like me one day , till now i have made 12 travels in 12 years , every travel made me grow wider mind , stronger and give me the  strength to make my dream in real
If Eustace had not opened that door for me maybe today i was still a driver maybe i was a different person with narrow mind , leave selfish life and have no passion or vision for my dream
This is the main reason i call travel  is the best book in life
I have met many people before my 1st travel and they promised me various things '' ohhhh i will bring you to Europe   but the some of them did not even contact me once their work was done ''.
Still i never gave up , hope and dream was my only strength at that moment i knew it was not easy to travel but also i knew the people who have money and power at least they can do something
As this 3 girls when they asked me for travelling  , i know it not easy all i did is find the way to bring their dream of travel in real there is no magic until to work for it because i know what it means to travel ..
Some of my friends are little upset on my decision of taking this 3 girls to Spain but i am not going to ask them nor i want to discuss about it ...
all i want to see is this 3 girls super smile and going to change their life for better even if they don't i have nothing to lose or worry about because i did my best .
I say all they have is an opportunity to either go up in life or go down , we are always the key for our own selves but every hand makes the difference to others life , this is my travel storey as all i want to say 13 years working for Eustace Fernandes this is all i have learn give back what you get in life
Eustace have been in my life the best boss ever , best father ever  and the best friend ever i could find in my life .
Amin Sheikh today photo by Anne Laure


Hello Everyone
Good Evening with big smile
today has been very intensive day also we were very nervous for our visa interview, we know all will be fine but still we know our reality , Especially  for me and my dream team who have nothing
example  like no home , no money in bank ac  and proper job but we were lucky enough to have some angels around us , who understood our travelling reason and gave us this opportunity to see another world and to open our mind towards wider way of thinking.
According to me travel is the best book in our life , through this Spanish visa now this three girls has the opportunity to travel first time they will enter into airport and it is there first flight
As 12  years ago when i took the first flight Bombay to Barcelona i have no words to explain what i felt at that moment , i am proud and happy after 12 years this three girls that means three amin's will experience the same journey .
I can't wait to see that smile on their face when they arrive to other side of the world , i know what it  means this smile has no price.
    Today when they got the visa their eyes was full of tears and same time broken smile!!!
because it was unbelievable for them and the best part is they got the visa for three months and when i opened my passport looking for visa they gave me visa for 2 years , i can't believe my passport 1st time have visa for 2 years , there was a time when i  use to struggle to get visa even for 1 month but today it was a magic day for us .
As everyone has their own  storey to share , i have  this three girls storey to share with all of you
some people will say wwaaooo you are travelling to Spain you are so lucky but they have no idea what  this girls have gone  through to get this visa and to save money for their flight ticket 
before i share their storey, I  want to say a special thanks to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ  , VERONICA ROSA  they are the one who did all the police paper work in Spain {madrid} without this  police certificate it was not possible to get the visa for this girls and also big thanks to Spanish  consulate of Mumbai for giving us the visa and the opportunity to travel especially for this three girls the names of this girls [dreams team] are  CELINE DEVGUM , KHUSHBOO ALI and  SHABANA SHAIKH .
Thanks to each one of you who ever reading this post more storey to know and more stories to share 
We are flying soon because of YOU... from Bombay to Barcelona