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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Hello Everyone good morning with big smile 
Today my madrid team has arrenge the talk in one part of Cataluniya

BIBLIOTECA DE PALLEJA at 8 pm Barcelona Spain time
well i have to be there for this talk but as I am in Mumbai I cant be there for this talk
but my other angel who is my dream team Sara Cirera for last 6 Month she will talk for me about my life in this library this evening i really Thanks to my dream team of Madrid they trying there best to help this Dream Cafe and trying to find the way to rich any how to get this dream cafe in real
thank you my ANGELS team and Sara Cirera to stand by me
Amin Sheikh

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hello everyone,

Good evening with big smile.

Today I am going to talk about a man  who is not known  around my World, but he has been a great help to my dream café. He is humble, simple, and he is always ready to help me  with his beautiful smile. His name is RAVI WAZIR, I knew him two years ago thanks to my dearest family and friend  Vibha and Dilip D`Souza. RAVI WAZIR has given to me a great helpful hand and opinion. Today he came with me to see the place for the café-library. He like the place because of the light, space, ambience, etc.  but, as most people do, he is worried how I will get it. The price is very expensive  in terms of money but in terms of quality it is very beautiful, so that, there are many reasons to trying to buy the place in spite of renting it.

All these days many people know that I'm trying to buy the place for the cafe dream. Some people and friend do not agree, but some others do when I explain to them  why I do want to buy it. Well, everything in life is difficult, and I am trying to pass these difficulties day by day. Some people get everything without doing anything in life, we can say they are lucky to have all they have around their life from the family, friends or some companies who stand by them and then, they can open the establishment wanted.  Two days ago I went  to listen the presentation of RAVI WAZIR SIR book "Restaurant  start up, a practical guide", what was about his experience and restaurant business and management. After listening to his two hour talk, I realized than many restaurants,  cafés or bar open  trough an investor company or investor partner, and in my case, I'm alone and my investor company  are my friends who are simple, and not rich. Most of the money I have is from my book and few donation until now.

Even if they lose business, the leading person will not lose his money because is the investor is the responsible of that. So that, most of them go for rent and if they are successful, they buy place. However, in my way all I have is me and few friends who are standing by me  from outside and then, my own people 
from India.

Well this is not the problem. Today I don't have my own people from Indian standing by me, but if the  project go well and we do right things with all the people, trust from the people will come, as few of them right now  RAVI WAZIR is an example. He made me feel positive,  and before leaving my house he said "Amin if you get the place, nothing like it, but if you cannot get the place, don't stop your project, keep trying, everything is possible" he has spent from morning to afternoon with me talking, listening and saying: you can do this cafe dream, the only thing he was worried about was if I could arrange all the money to pay and the right permissions and  licenses.  He has looked and checked everything. It was very nice from him to come and spend time for the project.

This is not the end, this week or the next one , I'm going again to the place with another man because he will work for our cafe dream, in order to get the license. After all of these, hopefully I will buy this place, but before that I still  have to go in a long way to get all the money needed.

And finally, I would like to express my gratitude to  RAVI WAZIR because he has been helping us for free and giving all his knowledge and experience. I really recommend his book, so if anyone wants to know him and read his book, please, buy a copy. After that, you will understand who's he.  
All I can say is I'm proud to have him and met him in this right moment of my life. I need people like him, honest, kind and passionate for healthy food and clean places for the upcoming generation. 

Amin Sheikh 

Here you are the links of his profile, book, and book reviews.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sònia Puig Codina

hello everyone good morning with big smile with good news , i wish all  a very beautiful Sunday  for those who read this article or who don't read it , this morning at 7 am i got whatsapp message from my friend,  i know her for last 10 year  she is from BARCELONA (GIRONA)  i met her in bombay 10 years ago  her name is sonia she is very funny at times  and she like to smile all the time , cracking good joke because she is also a clown , she like to make people happy she travels around the world to make sick people or children smile with her clown music ,  dance and do funny things, professionally she is a nurse  , this year i met her again after 5 to 4 years in Bombay  for 7 hours then she went back to  her home town to Barcelona but now she lives in ibiza in  one  small island from spain when she arrived to ibiza she arrange the talk with one beautiful library in ibiza and this Library  contact all news paper ,radio and  tv to make sure this dream come true imagine this man who has nothings to do with my world with street childern in india but stand by us and sonia who has nothings to do with my world but stand by all the world and this morning she made me cry by her whats app message she said “ amin i  have put 1000 euros in Rupess 70,000 for your dream cafe project this what i can do “  i was not expecting this but this is what i am saying when you want to do good all you have to do is stand by good and start doing good then  in this world only good will happen  because all good walking togethers without expacting anythings in life , its only one life my dear friends and people what you want in this one life???????………..
 do good , be good and  live good  in this you’ll see only good 
please learn somethings in this life when you are alive 
 the sad part is my won indian fellows are not coming to help because everyone is busy 
running  them self and forgetting others lives around them , how you like to live when you 
don’t feel around you the life who has nothings  is not about me or my project how many of you has power 
small or big and how many of you have think to use this power for right way and to do good for the others 
well i just want to let you know world can be only change for good for everyone 
when everyone of you come togethers 
thank you Sònia Puig Codina to stand by us this dream cafe and to  walk with us to build this dream cafe for boys and girls like me your one drop  can change things………...
i am because of you 
 Sònia Puig Codina 

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hello everyone , good night with big smile 

Today I could not go out begging cause I had some students who came up to my place to make a short documentary about my life and also about what I am doing. At first  I didn't want them to interview me because so many people have made videos and wrote articles, but some of them have miss used it. They used my story for their benefit , I didn't want to be unfair to this students who are going to be future journalists and so on. They are from MET ( MUMBAI EDUCATION TRUST ) they were 8 of them namely has NAISHA , PRERNA,PRIYA,SACHAYANA, NIKUNJ,NILESHWARI AND ABHIJETH and very soon they would be playing this movie in colleges. I hope this documentary may create awareness among the youngsters and  bring us good opportunities because nowadays education is all about competition. Everyone is running a race in order to get more and more from others,  but I hope people will utilise education in a positive way to bring change for good, not only for themselves but also for others .

I really want to thanks  to all these 8 students ,who have spent their time , energy and effort . I hope this documentary will bring them success and satisfaction to do well in their life .

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Hello Everyone 
Good night with one good news to end my day with big smile and happy to make my dream cafe in real The news is my neighbour just spoke to me and he said " amin i have saved some FD AND it is around RUPEES 500000 to RS 700000 lakhs " in euros it will be around 8000 to 10000 euros , he said he can Give it to me has loan , i think it was so nice of him to offer me , i was speechless , i am so proud that we Have such beautiful people around us , maybe they are not rich in their pocket but they are rich in their Heart , they are atleast ready to share from the little that they have......
Big thanks to my neighbour NASCIMENTO JOHN THOPPIL
I AM BECAUSE OF YOU wink emoticon

Good night everyone 
Amin Sheikh

Monday, 7 September 2015


Today was my first day begging in South Mumbai. It has been a strange, crazy and hard day. After being begging for 7 to 8 hours to almost 1000 people on the street this is what I got, 307 ₹,  and you can see who gave the money was people who have few money, people who is selling or working on the street or as a taxi driver. 
What is  sad for me is the fact that educate people don't even have time to listen to what I was trying to explain , when I tried to talk they said  sorry or looked at me in a  strange way.  I don't understand why they are behaving like this,  but I will do it  with the time.  After all the day in the street I came home , I went to meet the builder with one angel called Bharti, who is trying to make the price down from builders. I hope they will low down the price of the place for the cafe dream after this meeting.  
I went to meet another angel whose name is Fatima Dsouza. She has been helping me for the last 2 years, I spoke to her the day I found the place, I said "ma'm please help me,  get me some loan or donation" and she told me "Amin my pray and help is with you everyday". Today she  called me and gave me from her friend 5000 ₹ cheque and 5000 ₹ cash from herself, and not only this,  she did a special pray for my dream cafe. I am so lucky I have few ANGELS who are really helping me a lot, I hope all this good energy will bring this good place for the café.  
What I want is to make the life of  my street children, who believe in this project or who ever want to work,  better and at the same time to make another lives better too. Thanks to all this people who are angels for this project 


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Gurjeet Heer HELPING US


Hello everyone,

Good morning with big smile.
Here you are one more angel from Delhi.  Her name is Gurjeet Heer, and she contacted  me one month ago. 
After reading some articles she called me, asked for the book, and then after reading the book she called me again and told me: "Amin, I want to do my best, whatever I can. After that, she ordered me some more books for her friends in Bombay because then, they can read and help me more. She thinks that maybe another door can be opened to help, so imagine, even she is living in Delhi she is buying the book for people in Bombay, totally, 7000 indian rupees to help this dream cafe.
I wish everyone could come like this, in this way this dream project would not be as difficult or big as it seems.  
Everyone is helping to NGO projects, but for them is very difficuft to trust in a project without an NGO taking responsability. I am wondering why to turst someone without NGO is so hard, after all, work well done is the matter.
Well, I am happy because someone from india came up to help us, so I really want to show my gratitude to Gurjeet Heer, she has been so kind and helpful for my cafe dream
Thank you Gurjeet Heer I AM BECAUSE OF YOU 

Amin sheikh 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hello everyone.
Good night with big smile.
Today I am talking about one Angel who was trying to help me for the last two years by his email and by his phone call and pray for my dream cafe always very positive on the phone and email. He is the only jesuit father who has send me beautiful letter after reading my book and it was a very nice gift, I will never forget. I still keep his letter with me, maybe I will use it for my next book. 
He has given 67 years life for India jesuit mission and for indian people. He his from Valencia, Spain. His name is  Fr. PHILIP TERRASA. Yesterday I met him again in St. Xavier High School, when he knew about the dream cafe place he had big smile and told me: you will do it Amin, angels are with you with blessing. He bought 10 books just to support me and he told me: I will pass this 10 books around me lets see how people can help you. 
Yesterday was a very good day.
I want to say thanks to all my angels who are working in this dream cafe, who has nothing to do with my world, my dream cafe, but they are standing by us.
Thank you FATHER PHILIP TERRASA and my ANGELS from all around the world who have been helping this dream cafe.

Amin Sheikh