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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015



hello everyone
good morning with big smile again with one more story to share with all of you 
today i am talking about KHUSHBOO ALI who is 23 year old 
KHUSHBOO ALI story  is not much different as mine , she also has been on Bombay railway stations 
but everyone have different story to share , khushboo also have different story to explain 
when khushboo was 6 year old she don't know her father and mother all she remember now is she have one big brother who was 8 year old she remember him very well he use to take care of her and thats all she remember about him in her mind and this memory  is still today very fresh in her mind and she never forget her brother
After she lost  her brother she don't know where to go ?? what to do ???
she landed up at the churchgate  station which is in south of Mumbai she stayed  on station only for one day  then one Fr. francises micheal  , he brought  her to SNEHASADAN to house number 8 , it's the same home where  my sister sabira grew up too.
khushboo don't have much bad experiences on the street but sad part is she lost everything very fast and at a very early age before she could understand about  this world or have love from her mother and father, it is sad she don't even know where they are??? or how the look like??? till today some time she go and look for them, she don't have much clear memories about  that  place but she think some where in Bandra Surberb of  Mumbai .
well i have explain you all in my book about street children life and the problems they face while leaving on streets and in my blog or article it is not easy for any child to forget their  past .
she have got all that she need like food, home, love from Snehasadan but still she need to find her route of her family and the love ones she never have in her life. 
But today after growing up  in Snehasadan , she has  finished  her school, college and then thanks to Fr. PLACIDO FONESECA  the great hero of STREET children in Bombay  [Snehasadan] , who made many children's life beautiful and  better even  if they are not in Snehasadan ,  so thanks to Fr. plaice who put khushboo to learn fashion designing but thanks to social workers of Snehasadan at this time she was working for street children her name was ANU DIDI, she has helped a lot to khushboo to be FASHION DESIGNER .
khushboo was 18 when she left Snehasadan and started leaving  in working women's hostel, she knew  what she wanted in her life, she explained to me many times that she was not very  good in her studies for this reason she left college.
She has a  passion  to be a fashion designer and i am so proud of her that she is fashion designer and  now working for some nice company , very nice people but it's her dreams to have her own  fashion clothes collection, now no one knows her as a fashion designer  , all the clothes that she design the credit goes to  her boss and the company , many people buy the clothes but they have no idea that this clothes are made or design by a girl who was street kid once ,who became  a fashion designer today!!!!
I would like  khushboo to have her own  identity  in fashion world for this khsuhboo will have her own shop and it will be called khsuhboo ali , this place will be  for all the things that she design in our dream  cafe [BOMBAY TO BARCELONA , LIBRARY CAFE ]but for that khsuhboo must travels and this is one reason she want to travels and to know the other side of the world their fashion  and the way of living and i am proud to say , she has saved the money to travel she was very nervous and was not able to imagine that she is going to  travel , she was thinking all her life will be only  behind this company,where she only working for others no one knows about her talent  and who is khsuhboo ali ??? 
Many time before when she did not even  know  about going  to BARCELONA , PARIS
 while she travelling everyday from train while coming back from her work from Dadar  to Andheri she  use to look  at the sky and the planes flying ,  she use to always ask her self when will i fly ????well this one day is going to come very soon 15 April 2015 she will fly in real to BARCELONA AND PARIS to fashion world in PARIS.
 Thanks to  ANGELS  from PARIS who trying to make one more big steps to let khsuhboo know the  fashion world. 
who am i for khsubook ??? well she always call  me amin dada which means [big brother]  as she don't have a brother of her own in her life so she  always call me big dada or some time she tells  me you are like my father , i am proud to be big brother for her or father because i know what she feel .
One more dream going to be in real as a father all that he  could do for his daughter i am trying to do that, has a father or big brother , opening the doors for her to know the world better and to improve her knowledge but a very special thank to MONICA GOMEZ FERNANDEZ , she is the one who has been running up and down for all the invitation or police paper work and also a very big thanks to SPANISH CONSULATE OF MUMBAI to give visa to Khushboo Ali  
more good news to share with the time 
thank you 

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