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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015



Hello Everyone 
Good morning with big smile 
Today i am shearing the story of Celine and this story has been told in her won words , about her life but not everything.
 just to let you all know how Celine came from a small village to big city like Bombay/ Mumbai.
Bombay is the place where everyone have dream even if you don't have dream
 then your dream born here in Bombay soon or later as you living your life here in Bombay. 
Celine was one of them when her dream was born to fly like many others in india 
the dream born in place i called Bombay magic with many crazy things in this city but i think according me  this city with crazy things all  i see is life moving out of nothings you become someone in this city from no one. 
 Celine's life was like one of them  , now  the time has come to fly for Celine  out side india or to other side of the the world the place called Barcelona  [Spain].

  Celine story start like this 
CELINE   DEVGUM is now 27 year old she was born in india place called KARANGAJAR JAMSHEDPUR 
Celine has never  seen her mother what can be more harder then  this in life. The person because of whom you came to this world  ,  grow up all your life knowing your self you have never seen your mother or hold her hand walk with her or warm hugs tender hand of mother  to say come my child in my arms is sad but many of the children in india live like this and not only in india many other places in the world but as i know my world , sometimes how things change  or life takes turn  all of sudden and u feel like there is no ground under your feet 
 Celine knows nothing about  her mother, she has lost her father when she was 9 year old imagine she had no one  and where she could go what she could do and born in the village where not much things around her dry place as dried  her tear in her life without any warm love of the  family 
so luckily someone brought  Celine to Bombay to work as servant in high society , when she came she was 12 year old .Celine start working in  Bombay to work in high  society in Bandra with  Eusatce Fernades friend  to work has house mate like  sweeping ,cleaning ,cooking look after the guest , i don't want to say names of this person were she work because i don't know if it is good idea or she may not like it  is better i respect  and let explain you more about Celine  but also she is luckily to meet this mam has she has the opportunity to stay there , work and do all she want rather then landing in one place where her life would have been ruined by bad people , so i must say that she is lucky to have this shelter and be safe there , as Eustace been angel for me Celine has this mam also like a big angel in her life and also for many others .
I know Celine when she was 12 year old because i work like Celine but i was doing much more then her , i means was sweeping, cleaning ,cooking , driving the car and has a courier boy too in Eustace home .
I use to go this mam's home to give card or some paper or sometime Eustace would  go for dinner to this mam's home this mam was very good because she also call me up to eat somethings or drink something , so i use not enter  in  the hall because i know i am the driver i use to go in the kitchen where Celine was cooking she was very shy, soft spoken person she use to not  talk much but as time pass Celine and me we  became friends then when she start to trust people around her then  she start talking more and  i have seen Celine growing for better and better , now it has been a long time that  i know her and  many difficulty  came to her life it's is not been easy like everyone in this world but for Celine it was more hard in this way without family love , care and start working when she 12 years old.
I am very proud of Celine for many reason the first reason is the best cook ever i know in my life 
Celine was not studying when she came to Bombay  but if you look what she have done now  even i have not done all this 
she  made her self study in school and college, she has done  different or  various  courses like tellring , beautysion ,cooking and MSCIT  she is still studying right now while she is working all this year and the best part she is paying for her own studies .
Celine have dream as everyone in this world ,she also  met many ,many people from different part of the world  in her mam's home but she don't know other side of world the reality as for many of us it doesn't  matter where you  come from , who you are ? and so on..
all is mater being as human being, we love to know other side of the life and the world to grow better in life. 
Celine was saving money form long time to go when i told Celine about my travels, she ask me amin i want to come you think i can go with you i said  yes  why not i will arrange all the paper and talk to my friend in Spain if  they can do paper work you are welcome, all you have to do is pay your tickets and visa the rest i will do my best but be strong. 
To bring you as Eustace did for  me 12 years ago , Celine told me the same many people promise but no one do just talk and say yes Celine i will take you to my country as they  know is not so easy to bring people other side of the world but people must not say it too 
well all i say when you believe in somethings to do all you have to do is put all your heart and mind and with your kindness around you this kindness happens with  magic and one magic is now Celine have visa and police certificate thanks to my friend VERONICA ROSA  and SPANISH  CONSULATE OF  MUMBAI  
who don't know Celine in they life but they really help her to get her first visa and the travels of her life BOMBAY TO BARCELONA 
Celine life light up sad to smile from dry to green place and ready to fly to unknown  place to be open wider mind from  small village girl to big city BOMBAY TO BARCELONA .
one more dream is in real out of nothing, i am proud of you Celine keep going keep lighting many other life through  your story in this world because many people in this world have every thing but they have no idea , how to be happy so be happy and share  this happiness to everyone around you 
more to share  with other two dream team 
this was CELINE DEVGUM story as many more in this world i hope one day they have right to be what they want to be 

thank you everyone of you who read this 

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