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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hello everyone good evening with big smile
Today i have talk in ROTRAY CLUB OF THANE SUBURBAN in north Bombay it was very good day for our dream we sold 22 book and some good contact  also i hope open more door through this talk  for our dream cafe i really want to say thanks to SMRITI GULWADY she the one who make this talk happen after the she read the  book thanks again and again to ROTRAY CLUB THANE people who allow me to share my life with them and to give this opporturnity to let people know about my cafe dream
all i will say is

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