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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Hello Everyone 

Good morning with big smile.

The news for the day is yesterday my 20 books gone to KOLKATA , I am very happy because its one of my dream place, one day I wish to start my dream cafe in Kolkata as well  because in kolkata the life is very harsh and there are many street  children as well as old people leaving on the streets and its the place where the great MOTHER TERESA who has given her  life for CHILDREN and  LEPROSY  .  

Thanks to Amrita Roy Chowdhury , she has been working for the children and underprivileged the Project is name as BACHHPAN  and she's trying to make better life for others , she contact me 2 weeks ago and she asked me if I could post her 20 books to Kolkata , so she could spread the word about my dream cafe and project around her world .

I am very pleased for what she's doing and also when I spoke to her on the phone , she encouraged me and gave me different ideas not only this she is also trying her level best to help me in every possible way she can . 

I am proud and lucky few people like her are coming forward  to help us , again i want to mention that all my project is moving by women this time it's also a women .

I really want to  thanks Amrita Roy Chowdhury, I AM BECAUSE OF YOU


Amrita Roy Chowdhury

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Hello everyone,

Good morning with big smile .

This documentary movie is made by MET ( MUMBAI EDUCATION TURST ) to support and to let people know about my dream  cafe BOMBAY TO BARCELONA LIBRARY CAFE and also the  project to show the world , how we don't see the Truth around our life and our world I am very proud of this  GUROP which consist of 5 STUDENT who made this short  documentary , thanks to them and to MET for giving  us this opportunity , all I can say is 

Amin Sheikh 


Hello everyone good night with big smile, today BANK OF INDIA STAR SAKHI FESTIVAL book sell has been very good , we sold 70 books today, thanks to all especially to NIRMALA REGO , MELWYN REGO and Fatima Dsouza ,Smita KAR this good people who has believe in us and gave us this opportunity thanks again and again I hope we get more opportunity like this events thanks to BANK OF INDIA STAR SAKHI and my dreams team SHABANA SHAIKH and Khushboo Ali 
Amin sheikh

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hello everyone 

Good evening with big smile ,
Today we have got donation of 21,000 Rupees from BINDIA HALLAUER , I have never met her , she got my contact from the Facebook for last 1 month we have been chatting , 
I explained her about the project , she showed up lot's of concern  and she has been very helpful and positive towards my project.
I am very happy that Bindia came up to support us and make us feel stronger, I appreciate and I want to thanks few friends of mine who has been supporting.
Well we are facing financial problem , I have been trying my level best to sell as many books as I can  , explaining  about the project to people but  its very difficult to convince people to believe in this project .
At times there are many people who come up with question like '' when will you build it ???, you have been working so long how come you have bought the place yet ?? , but nobody wants to see how expensive the property  in India , there are also some people talking behind my back , I still need little more financial help , the land is getting more and more expensive but I am not going to lose the hope , no matter what happens  with all the money that we have , we will utilize it for good  but still I will try to find the way to build BOMBAY TO BARCELONA LIBRARY CAFE for sure , thanks to BINDIA  and to  all the good people who are helping us.