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I'm Amin Sheikh living in Bombay,India. I have my own car rental company called Sneha Travels. I show people Bombay city and whtever they like.One day i want to start a Library coffe, is my dream, where i want to show people, everybody is equal, thats what i call Humanity. i want to make this world more batter for every one but im not alone who think like this i hope you come one day with me hand to hand and we make better world and better place for every liveing life in this world. If i can you can.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


hello everyone good night for other world and good morning for india with big smile one more good news from LA FRANCE for dreams steps
http://jactiv.ouest-france.fr/…/temoignage-amin-survecu-aux…ARTICLE FROM FRANCE 23 NONEMBER 2014
Témoignage. Amin a survécu aux rues de Bombay

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  1. Amin your book is amazing It bought tears to my eyes .After living in Mumbai most of my growing up years I was only a wee bit aware of the things that happen there, which we all put a blind eye to .In short we take things for granted and make every problem someone else’s problem.

    So much so I took you for granted .I don’t know if you remember me ,but I had the opportunity to meet you in September 2014 .I was told that a person called Amin would pick me up at the airport and bring me to my relatives home. This person would have a placard with my name on it.

    On arriving I walked along the entrance and did not find a placard with my name. I was disappointed my one second of fame disappeared. Then I see a petite young man desperately waving his hands .I look around and realize it my attention he is trying to get.

    Now after hearing horror stories of kidnapping and stealing in broad daylight I put my guard up and approach. He says are you Lyndon and I am instructed to pick you up and drive you to Bandra. The fact that I pictured an Amin to be a little bigger made with a gruffer voice and a lot more unpolished confused me .When I walked out of the airport and you spoke to me. I don’t know whether it was you voice or your face or your humble appearance, I felt comfortable to go with you even if it was the first time I saw you. You bought me thru the maze of new roads and before I got my perspective we reached the western express highway and we were chatting.
    Now comes the embarrassing part for me .I sat there taking for granted that you were a driver and was paid to take me to my destination .Never did it occur to me that you had a real story to tell and your journey to get where you were today was long and tormenting on mind body and soul. Most of all you had dreams to make things different.
    You reached me to my destination and we said our thank you and you took your memo and off you went. The next moment when talking to both my wife’s cousins who stayed up because I was jet lagged I commented on what a nice person you were. She said that you had written a book and that I must read it. Oh! by the way her name is Gia Aranha

    This book stayed in by bag the whole trip and back to Canada unread. I gave it to my father in -law to read and he in turn gave it to his friends in church .When it was returned I read it and coincidently it was the same week you had your function at the café.

    I am sorry that I am just like those people in the book that did not care and took you for granted .I hope to find a way that we together can help the kids how have to go through life the way you went .Thank you for making me aware of how fortunate I was growing up which I took for granted. I salute you and know your dreams will come true .Good things happen to good people and you will get your due in this life itself. Keep in touch